I’m a CS student and Software Engineer.

Hi, my name is Kanta. I’m a CS student and software engineer. Love Python and Go. Check out my Github and .


years old


trilingual (Japanese, English, Chinese)

I am from Japan and studying CS at a university in Taiwan. Currently, I am interning as a startup as a software engineer. Also, I have recently been studying Go language with a lot of effort.

Computer Science Fundamentals

I majored in computer science in college and am learning the basics. I am also deepening my knowledge of these fundamentals with my internship development experience.

Web Development

Through personal development and long-term internships, we have conducted practical API development.

Logical Thinking

I mainly use Leetcode to solve algorithmic problems, and to develop my data structure and algorithmic skills.

International Competence

At the university, I interact with students from many different countries, learning about and respecting different cultures.

My recent projects


Design / Development

A site that compiles information on studying in Taiwan and supports study abroad.


Backend Development

On artics, you can engage in conversations about your favorite entertainment (Music, Movies, Books, Anime, Netflix) /art, connect with like-minded people, and build a unique profile with your favorites from various genres

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